Residential & Commercial Real Estate
Purchase & Sale Transactions

With thousands of closings under her belt, Melissa is known for her ability to adeptly close transactions, even under the most complex of circumstances. Experience the difference of closing on your property with an experienced, proactive, and knowledgeable real estate attorney in your corner.

Corporate Businesswomen
Business Meeting

Startup & General Counsel Services

Starting your business? Growing your business? First business ever in the United States? Melissa advises entrepreneurs at all levels of their journey, from the startup to the exit, in matters ranging from formation, structuring, private agreement drafting, revision, and negotiation, purchase and sale of membership interests, private loan documents, prelitigation dispute resolution, etc.

Real Property
Investment & Development

Melissa actively works to ensure her clients' real property developments and investments are successful by working with clients throughout the entire process, from acquisition to exit. MGLPA assists clients in creating a strong foundation for their businesses, by assisting in the design and creation of cross-disciplinary teams made up of Melissa's expansive network of top attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, consultants, and other real estate professionals, if and when necessary, and implementing short term and long term strategic planning for the Client and his or her team.

Business Brainstorm